Welcome to Vicar Homes where we build “yours to enjoy”. Vicar Homes builds homes for our customers to proudly enjoy and share with family and friends. We take pride in our meticulous planning and quality craftsmanship. Just as a home needs a solid foundation to build a dependable structure, our philosophy and commitment to our clients is firmly based on the following:

  • Pride of ownership
  • Healthier living environments
  • Reduced utility and maintenance costs through energy efficient building techniques and tools and
  • Environmentally friendly building practices

Achieving our philosophy starts with listening to the desires and needs of the client and taking them through each step of the design and build stages. We take the time to meet with the client and organize a plan that meets the client’s expectations, timeline and budget including factoring in permit processing and allowing for unexpected delays on complex design issues.

We invite you to choose Vicar Homes, where we build homes for you to enjoy.